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Archive for May, 2009

How Is Your Nesting Season Going?

As I’ve reported in an earlier post, my nesting season is going only OK this year.  I’ve already seen my bluebirds and chickadees with their first bunch of little ones and I’ve only got one of my my two bluebird boxes with anything in it.  And that something is house wrens.


What To Do With My House Wrens

I Needed Some Expert Birding Advice The house wrens in my back nestbox are filling that thing until it’s spilling out the front.  I emailed Julie Zickefoose, writer, artist and birding expert to ask what I should do about them.


Bluebirds vs Chickadees – It’s A Draw

Nobody Takes The Nestbox Earlier this week, I was looking out my office window at my backyard when I saw something suspicious. A mottled gray looking bird perched atop my closest bluebird box. Once mom showed up, it didn’t take me long to figure out that my resident bluebird pair had decided to nest elsewhere. […]


Tell Me Your House Wren Stories

It Started With A Song I noticed this morning that there was a new but vaguely familiar bird singing in my backyard.  I get passers-by all the time so I didn’t take any notice of it at first.  Later, I noticed the bird was still singing repeatedly and loudly.  He had been at it for […]