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Archive for July, 2009

The House Wrens Have Returned

As I had posted last week, it seemed like my house wrens had disappeared.  They had built a nest, incubated eggs, fledged young and even rebuilt a nest for a second brood.  Then, they were nowhere to be seen or heard.  If you’ve ever had house wrens during mating season in your backyard then you […]


My Dark Bluebird Legacy Lives On

I was so thrilled when a pair of bluebirds finally decided to make a home in my second bluebird box again this year. I hoped that my resident pair had moved on or died as cruel as that sounds. The reason is it is heartbreaking to see all their work go for near nothing. Thanks […]


My House Wrens Have Disappeared

After my house wren pair set up a nest, laid eggs and fledged their first brood, I mentioned that I saw the male cleaning out the nest.  Then I saw the female putting new soft nesting materials back into the nest box.  When I checked around I was told this is how they do it […]


I’ve Created A Monster!

I was absolutely thrilled when I finally got some titmice to feed from my hand.  The best part about it is that it was completely unexpected.  They are supposed to be way too busy with mating and child rearing to have time for such “foolishness” as buddying up to a human because he brings your […]