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Archive for November, 2010

New BirdOculars YouTube Video

My Apologies After more than a year, I’ve finally published a short YouTube video that I think you’ll enjoy.  It’s about my bluebirds coming back for the first time this morning to check out their old house.  It started out as a male, female and at least one youngster and ended with one of the […]


Losing My Backyard Centerpiece

The Center Of My Birding Activity I recently decided to take down the 40+ foot sassafrass tree that was in the center of my backyard.  I held out as long as I could for my birds.  With feeders and nesting boxes on both sides of the yard, it quickly became the hub of activity. If […]


Vanguard Endeavor Binoculars Giveaway

I just received an email from the folks at Vanguard USA, the makers of the Vanguard Endeavor binoculars I reviewed earlier on my blog.  They are running a contest where they will be giving away the exact same binoculars I reviewed here. The contest will run until the end of November so don’t wait to […]


A Fun Backyard Bird Feeding Experiment

Quick Hand Feeding Test This is something you can do early in the morning one weekend to see if you can hand feed birds in your backyard.  You need to have either chickadees or titmice for the best chance of success.  Some people also have success with downy woodpeckers. Here’s the basic plot.