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Archive for March, 2011

Watch Those Birdbaths Closely

First Bath In A While As winter loosens its hold here in Nashville, I’m seeing two things. First, I’m seeing an increase in the number of different birds in my backyard. Secondly, I’m seeing a comparable rise in bathing activity. What this means is the water I put out in the late afternoon is gone […]


My New Goldfinch Feeders

No More Wet Goldfinch Feeders As I mentioned in my last post about cleaning your bird feeders , I completely replaced my two Perky Pet upside-down goldfinch feeders. The design on the old ones was such that every time it would rain water would run down from the hanging wire into the side of the […]


Time To Clean Those Feeders

Spring Can Sneak Up On You As winter starts relenting in my part of the woods, I realize it won’t be long until my winter visitors depart and the spring and summer ones start showing up. I’ve seen an increase in house finch feeding which means I’ve really got to make sure to get and […]