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Archive for November, 2011

Leaving The Nest YouTube Video Posted

Yes, you heard it right! I’ve finally finished editing and uploading my latest YouTube video. It’s called “Leaving The Nest” and it shows four bluebird babies leaving the nest one at a time. I mention in the video that the amount of video needed to successfully capture the event is staggering. I feel for nature […]


BirdOculars Christmas Buying Guide

I wanted to put together a quick list of the things I think would make a great gift for your birding friends or yourself this holiday season. I’ve put this together from reviews I’ve done and things you’ve been coming to my site to read about. It’s a quick list you can reference, read a […]


First Titmouse Hand Feeder Of The Season

For the last couple of weeks when I put food out in the afternoon, I’ve been taking down the feeders and just standing near the feeder station. I started out about six feet away and would gradually and slowly move closer to the station. My goal: to see how close I could get before the […]