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3-D Pet Products Premium Cardinal Food Review

3-D Pet Products Premium Cardinal Food

Like a lot of birders I know, I buy a LOT of my bird feeding supplies at Walmart. One of the things that I noticed last year was that they started adding more specialized bird feeding options. One of the lower priced options is the 3-D Pet Products’ Premium Cardinal Food. I want to tell you about my experience using it and to get your comments if you’ve used it as well.

3-D Pet Products Premium Cardinal Food Likes

As I peruse the new offerings at Walmart, I notice it’s not hard to spend a LOT of money getting great food for your back yard friends. However, it’s also very important to know exactly who you’re trying to feed with it. Getting a ten plus dollar bag of Nut and Berry or Fruit and Berry is ok if you’re planning on going after woodpeckers primarily. However, if you’re going for a wider audience, it might be smarter to start with a plain sunflower seed and see what bites, so to speak. Then, you can refine your feeding by offering more of the nut and berry type stuff in their own feeders.

What I liked about this seed blend was that it retailed for well under ten dollars, had sunflower, safflower and peanuts in it and got the cardinals‘ attention almost immediately.

3-D Pet Products Premium Cardinal Food Dislikes

I’ve been feeding with a Brome Bird Care 1057 Squirrel Buster Standard Feeder because I have so much trouble with squirrels. The seed ports allow for the cardinals and other birds to perch on them and feed. The food moves smoothly into the ports as they remove it. I’ll be reviewing this feeder in a future post so keep your eyes peeled!

The problem with this seed blend is it includes raisins and dried cherries that clog the delivery system. This creates a situation where there’s all kinds of seed in the feeder but it can’t move down into the ports.

Here’s my beef: I’ve never actually seen a cardinal eat a raisin or a cherry, EVER! In my thirteen plus years of feeding, I’ve only witnessed my cardinals going after sunflower, safflower, peanuts (preferably hulled peanut halves or pieces) and the occasional suet pieces that have fallen off my upside down suet feeder.

But that’s about it. Am I all wet here?

Final Analysis

I realize that this seed blend may work well in another feeder but I’m afraid I can’t recommend this seed blend. If you’re really interested in giving your cardinals what they’re looking for without having to spend time, as I have, sifting through the mix to remove the dried cherries, I’d opt for plain sunflower seed. Or you can choose safflower seed if you have squirrel problems and don’t want to baffle all your feeders.

Let Me Hear From You

Are you using this seed blend? Have you had better results? Leave me a comment below and let’s hear from you.

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