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Bushnell H2O 10×42 Waterproof Binoculars Review

First Look

Since our bird watching often takes place around water, many of our friends prefer to have a pair of binoculars that is waterproof. We’ve seen broken or slipped straps, or binoculars dropped out of packs while retrieving a jacket, produce a wet end to an otherwise good – and expensive — pair. Plus, some waterfowl fans even like to snorkel down and try to capture ducks, loons or geese diving for food! The Bushnell H2O 10×42 Waterproof Binoculars will let you explore that kind of creative adventure, if you are so inclined. They are claimed by the manufacturer to be fully waterproof, and independent tests back up the boast.

Focus on Features

Many birders have known the frustration of getting home from a misty, wet excursion only to find moisture has penetrated their favorite binoculars, perhaps ruining them. Won’t happen here! The O-rings and nitrogen purging system keeps the internals protected. They stay dry while delivering very good optics for the money. The Bak-4 roof prisms offer good light gathering capabilities for low light times of day or settings, and the individually coated lenses deliver excellent color clarity.
Some fans of the Bushnell H2O 10×42 Waterproof Binoculars do report that focusing, especially with the right eye piece, can be a bit tricky, and takes some time to master.

The Big Picture

Having a set of glasses that you know is waterproof provides worry-free confidence when pursuing your visual prey around water or in the rain or snow. Tough rubber armor helps you keep your grip in those situations, and also provides cushioning to protect them during the occasional drop. Since these binoculars handle the punishment well, they are a great choice when rock or tree climbing is part of the journey to get to where the viewing is best. This durable set is also available with 8×42 magnification, and is a very good value, given the features it offers.

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