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Bushnell Legend 10×42 Binoculars Review

First Look

Birding trips into the field frequently feature early morning and dusk situations when light is at a premium. And since many favorite subjects are most active during these hours, having a set of binoculars with the optics to make the most of the available light is crucial. The Bushnell Legend 10×42 Binoculars are great for low light situations, as well as good versatility in a full size set.

Focus on Features

ED Prime glass in this set means that it produces high resolution images. Sometimes subtle differences in plumage color differentiate males from females in their winter coat, or one species from another, and these binoculars deliver crisp color to make it possible. The light-gathering capabilities are the result of each lens in the group being coated with Ultra-Wide Band custom coating for maximum brightness. Viewing colorful birds like finches, grosbeaks, cardinals or ducks through the Bushnell Legend 10×42 glasses is truly a pleasure.

Since we love to bird watch in all sorts of weather, and since splashed water can be a factor when viewing at the lake or river side, the Rainguard HD water-repellent lens coating is a huge plus. Water wipes off easily, and never penetrates into the interior of these binoculars, so you’ll have the confidence to keep on viewing that pair of Mergansers from the boat seat as they meander along the edge of the lake.

The wide field of view offered by this set makes it easy to pick up the birds you’re searching for in open settings like fields or marshes. The easy focus adjustments then allow you to zoom in quickly. Users will also appreciate the light-weight chassis and the soft grips that allow you to bird watch for hours without hand and wrist fatigue.

The Big Picture

Bushnell Legends are also available at 8×42. Either way, the Legends extend the viewing day with their light-capturing capacity, and you’ll have more opportunity view the species you came to find. They are more expensive than many sets, but you get a lot more, too.

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