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Human Parents Think They Have It Bad?

Human Parents vs Bird Parents While I have to admit I am not a parent in the conventional sense. We are parents to our 10 year old yorkie/chihuahua mix, Maggie which has been both challenging and rewarding. However, I am over fifty years of age and have been around a ton of parents and have […]


Nail Biting Bluebird Fledging

Our first family of bluebirds just left the nest the other day. Or should I say the other night! That’s right, night. OK, maybe it was evening but it was the first time I’ve ever had bluebirds fledge at any time other than morning. Let me recount how it happened. What’s That Dark Spot In […]


Just In Time Chickadee Housing

I have a quick story to share with you which further emphasizes the need to pay attention to your backyard I spoke of in my last post. It’s a story about seeing a need and filling it and the feeling you can get doing that. This story involves one of my favorite feeder birds, the […]


The First Junco Of The Season

First Junco Arrives Yesterday afternoon, I was looking out my back window when I saw something that brought a smile to my face. That unmistakable grey and white flitting. Alone for now but I know it’s just the beginning. That’s right…my first junco. I saw it milling about on the ground near my squirrel corn […]