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Leaving The Nest YouTube Video Posted

Yes, you heard it right! I’ve finally finished editing and uploading my latest YouTube video. It’s called “Leaving The Nest” and it shows four bluebird babies leaving the nest one at a time. I mention in the video that the amount of video needed to successfully capture the event is staggering. I feel for nature […]


Bluebirds Caught Leaving The Nest

Finally Got It! I’ve been wanting to get one of my broods of bluebird babies as they were leaving the nest but have not been successful-until now! I noticed one evening a few days ago that one of the babies was getting rather impatient and bold around the nestbox hole. The parents were bringing him […]


New YouTube Video Posted

Off-Topic But Fun We got the chance to capture our pride and joy, Maggie, running around like an idiot during our most recent snow.  Our groomer says she’s a Chihuahua/Staffordshire terrier mix but we have never had her tested to find out. We just know we love her and she’s so much like a little […]


New BirdOculars YouTube Video

My Apologies After more than a year, I’ve finally published a short YouTube video that I think you’ll enjoy.  It’s about my bluebirds coming back for the first time this morning to check out their old house.  It started out as a male, female and at least one youngster and ended with one of the […]