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Connecting During The Holidays and Beyond

Connecting With Family

This past weekend, my wife and I went to visit her family a few hours from here. It was really good to get out of the house and usher in the holiday season with this trip. The occasion was the annual Christmas party that they have. It was good to see people I normally do not throughout the year. Normally, everybody’s got something going on and it’s hard to connect. Plus, I’m usually too busy on the weekends my wife goes to drop everything and go. Whether that’s good or bad right now, that is how it is.

Connecting With You

I will say after getting to see the family that I was reminded of another failing of mine with something that’s also very important to me. I’m speaking of my connection with you, the reader of my blog. At least once a month I try to post something I think you’ll find interesting or helpful or just entertaining. I’ve had some success doing this as people are reading and commenting for the most part. What I’ve realized though is just like the family you don’t see every day I think I’ve lost touch and no longer know who you are. I feel bad for this but I want to do something to make it right.

I’d like you, if you would be so kind, to tell me what you like in my blog and what you don’t. Also, what you’d like me to talk about that I haven’t or what I have you’d like me to talk about more.

I have some review copies of some birding books I would be happy to give away to people who take the time to tell me how I can help you going forward. Just leave a comment below or use my contact form and you’ll be entered in my give-away. You can tell me anything that challenges you about birding; whether it’s in your back yard or in the field. I will do my best to tailor my content for you. Plus, I will be posting more often to this blog in the future.

Doing This For You

That’s really the main reason I blog in the first place: for YOU! If I’m not giving you content you can use or care about then I’m not accomplishing my main goal in writing this blog. Please help me to make this blog more relevant and useful for you by giving me your suggestions in a comment below.

Thank you so much for your time! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

2 Responses to “Connecting During The Holidays and Beyond”

  1. Lee Dubois says:

    I really enjoyed the short clip of the tufted titmouse. Coming into direct contact with nature on such a intimate level is a rare occurrence. I cant wait until my children are awake so I can share it with them.

  2. BirdDude says:

    I’m glad you really enjoyed that video. I was really blessed to be able to help him in his last days. Did you see the video of the red breasted nuthatch? Since I took that one I’ve had an experience where he let me walk right up to him while he was on the peanut feeder and took a peanut from a cup I had to fill it. I’m going to try to get him on video very soon. Thank you for stopping by and telling me about your experience here. Hope your holidays are grand! Jeff

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