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I’m Grateful for Real Reader Comments

Since I set this blog up years ago, I’ve had my share of good and bad post ideas. Some that I thought would be helpful fell flat on their face. Others, like the posts about what to feed wild rabbits, have been hugely successful and constantly searched for. One of the things that can help me get more of the good stuff out to you is if you tell me about it.

That’s where reader comments come in!

Reader Comments

Whenever I get readers that find the site and take the time to leave a comment, I try to reward them with a fast and heart-felt response to their question or observation. This blog thrives by hearing what’s going on in your back yard and what challenges you have. That way, I can make a note of it and include it in my content ideas. This helps readers feel part of the community and like their opinion matters. That’s because they are and it does!

When you contrast that with the never-ending stream of crap comments that come in from spam bots, you can see why I’m thrilled to have a real human telling me something interesting, informative or challenging. Luckily, Akismet puts almost all of the crap comments from machines right in the spam folder. Unfortunately, until they get a bad rap, some get through with laughable, misspelled and irrelevant “comments.” I trash those but I still get that “Oh, a new comment. Let’s see how I can help the…….crap! More spam” let down when it gets through.

So, talk to me. Even if you just say hi. Or tell me something you need help with right now and I’ll do my best to assist you any way I can. I’m going to be writing some guides and tutorials in the near future and your ideas help me build those. Helping you to get more enjoyment out of your back yard birding is the thing that motivates me the most.

2 Responses to “I’m Grateful for Real Reader Comments”

  1. Cat says:

    I have the same problem. I only just started my blog and all I get is spam “disguisedd” as mostly flattering comments but of course their name is something like “Prom Dresses” or “Louis Vuiton bag outlet” The way I deal with this is, I delete their url. Hehe. Makes me giggle every time.

  2. BirdDude says:

    Hi Cat,
    Thanks for stopping by and leaving the type of comment I’m proud to get!
    I’m grateful that Akismet is as sharp as it is in recognizing spam and getting out of the stream. I just trash them because even if I’m not giving them a link, who wants that trash on their site? Those comments look bad, in my opinion, for the site. Tell me a little about your new blog if you don’t mind.

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