Leupold Cascade 8×42 Binoculars Review

First Look

For many of us, bird watching is our favorite outdoor pursuit, but we also enjoy sightseeing, hunting, canoeing, and other activities, and for all of them we pack along our favorite pair of binoculars. For this purpose, we choose versatile field glasses that combine rugged durability and excellent visual quality. The Leupold Cascades 8X42 Binoculars are constructed from quality components and given a durable chassis, so they hold up well when subjected to the rigors of life in the outdoors.

Focus on Features

The Cascades are perfect for taking on rainy days, out in the canoe, or for bird watching along the river side. The chassis is tough, and also submersible, keeping water out completely for waterproof confidence that encourages you to get the best possible views of your subject and surroundings. They also have great user-friendly features beginning with the streamlined design that makes them ergonomic and easy to hold. Viewing for long periods is easy on the eyes due to generous eye relief, twist-up cups, and a the ability to adjust them for wide or narrow eye settings.

The excellent viewing performance of the Leupold Cascades 8X42 Binoculars is delivered by multi-coated lenses that eliminate color aberration and reduce glare and flaring. The lenses gather and concentrate light at dawn and dusk to brighten the scene you are viewing.

The Big Picture

These field glasses are also available at 10×42 if greater magnification is wanted. They represent a good combination of affordability and quality. Excellent contrast makes it easy to spot your object, and the quality color brings out great detail once it is in view. Those who want one pair of binoculars that will deliver four seasons of functionality, in all types of weather conditions, will appreciate the durability the Cascades offer. This set offers one of the best all-around values in its price range.

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