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My Covert Downy Woodpecker Spy

Ever Get The Feeling You’re Being Watched?

downypeekingSince the weather has turned colder at night I’ve had this sneaky suspicion I’m being watched every morning.  As usual, my chihuahua/yorkie mix, Maggie and I go out before 6 AM.  The last few mornings, however, I’ve felt there were eyes on us.  I looked around and saw nothing.  Then, I looked at my closest bluebird box and I spotted him.  The little black and white head with the red spot on top gave him away.  I had an overnight tenant.  It was one of my downy woodpecker backyard residents.  I had seen him looking around before and had actually put some nesting materials in the box to help him out.  Apparently, he really appreciated the gesture because I’ve noticed he’s put them to good use plugging up the drafty corners on the floor of the nestbox.

I Like To Feel I’m Helping

One of the most rewarding parts of birdfeeding and birdwatching for me is to watch how what I’m doing helps the little ones to find food and shelter when they most need it as well as making their lives generally happier and healthier.

I Look Forward To Seeing Him Every Morning

The funny part is that he somehow knows I mean him no harm because he never leaves the box until he’s ready.  I know that is a survival instinct they have to make sure not to show a predator where they are hiding or nesting but he doesn’t even keep his head out for long after he knows it’s me.  I find that very reassuring.

Do You Have Any Overwintering Roosting Birds?

If you’ve got a similar story to tell, please leave me a comment so it can be shared with my readers.

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