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My Last Minutes With A House Finch

finch in my hands

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The Day Started Like Any Other

I was catching up on email and other early morning tasks. My wife was working from home and was out watering the new plants around the house. After a while, she came and and told me there was a little bird out front under the garage light that appeared to be sleeping but was standing up. From my previous experience with my back yard friends, I was pretty sure this was not going to turn out well. I finished what I was working on and went outside to take a look.

She Can’t Have Much Time Left

By the time I got to her she was already listing to one side, breathing was rapid but shallow. She was almost completely unaware of my approach. She protested a bit when I picked her up but not for long. I held her in my two cupped hands making sure not to impede her breathing or startle her in any way. I asked my wife to open some doors for me so I could take her out on the back steps so we could be where she spent most of her time with us.

I just wanted her to feel safe, familiar and loved!

Her End Is Near

I watched her as she continued her rapid breathing. She appeared to be in no distress so I just comforted her, talked to her and waited for her time to come. I told her how happy we were to have her choose our back yard to come for food, water, play and relaxation. I told her how much joy her and her friends and family have brought to our family. She listened without sound or movement. She seemed so glad not to be alone at this time and I was happy I could help her now.

Time For Prayers

The last thing I remember her doing is opening her eyes briefly and looking right at me. It was as if to tell me “Thank you for all we’ve shared. But mostly, thank you for holding me now as I begin a new journey.” She then gave a brief shiver, closed her eyes and was gone. I’m sure I felt her spirit leave her body. I couldn’t help just staring at her and marveling at what I was blessed to have experienced. I prayed God would receive her and find her another back yard to play in. It may be cliche’ but… I know she’s in a better place now. I hope we get to see each other again some day! Amen.

Am I Paying Attention?

It’s time like these that I take a look at my life and ask if I’m really paying attention. Or is life just flying by where I only catch glimpses from time to time. I’ve been a daily meditator for the last three years and I believe this has helped me cherish all the moments more. I still struggle with it but I’m making progress towards my goal of being more mindful. I know it made spending the last days with my mom last year a little easier on both of us. For that I’m grateful.

What About You?

Have you had the incredible experience of helping one of your back yard friends or pets move on to the next phase of their journey? How did it affect you? Leave me a comment below so we can talk about it.

About The Artist

Robin Hallett is an Intuitive Healer, writer and artist who helps people discover and manifest their dreams. You can find her at RobinHallett.com.

Robin Hallet


2 Responses to “My Last Minutes With A House Finch”

  1. Beautiful post, Jeff! It’s amazing how much we receive by being of service and staying present 🙂 thanks for asking me to take part in this experience with you!

  2. BirdDude says:

    Thank you so much, Robin for sharing your magic with us! I have so much more to learn from you about being of service and staying present.

    We’ll get there!

    God Bless the little birdie!


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