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Pentax DCF LV 9×28 Binoculars Review

First Look

Lots of bird watchers bring along their cameras to capture forever the beauty of the birds, the views of nature, and great photos of their club enjoying the great outdoors together. Pentax cameras are popular among birders because their optics are superb. That fact has also led many to pick up Pentax DCF LV 9×28 Binoculars, and most are very happy with them. The truly nice thing about this pair of field glasses is their compact size which makes them easy to pack to where the viewing is.

Focus on Features

In addition to their compact, lightweight size, these binoculars offer robust magnification and respectable field of view. Pentax optical quality is on display in with high resolution lens elements which are phase coated for the highest possible reflection and light transmission, allowing for superior light gathering at dawn and dusk. The Pentax DCF LV 9×28 Binoculars are also waterproof to 3 feet, due to sealed element seams and a Nitrogen-filled chassis.

The Big Picture

If you are looking for a high quality set of binoculars that is easy to travel with, this compact pair is a good choice. They fit easily into a backpack, and are light weight, too. Holding them for viewing, or carrying them around your neck, for several hours won’t wear you out. They are coated with thick rubber for secure handling and protection of the internal components. The color contrast is outstanding, allowing bird watchers to pick up movement and color to more easily find and track birds and other wildlife. Those who view from easy-to-reach spots and want higher magnification or larger field of view might look elsewhere. But for a very durable, versatile, and compact set of binoculars that goes with you to hard to reach spots and performs very well once you are there, these are tough, and tough to beat.

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