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I’m Being Overrun By Goldfinches! Here’s How You Can Too

If you’re having trouble getting goldfinches into your back yard, these simple to implement tips can help you bring them back.


I’ve Got Red Breasted Nuthatches!

First Time In Almost Ten Years While this may be an everyday occurrence for many of you, I have not had a red breasted nuthatch since I started feeding birds almost 10 years ago! I’ve had an occasional white breasted nuthatch and they are supposed to be numerous as close as Knoxville but this is […]


How Is Your Nesting Season Going?

As I’ve reported in an earlier post, my nesting season is going only OK this year.  I’ve already seen my bluebirds and chickadees with their first bunch of little ones and I’ve only got one of my my two bluebird boxes with anything in it.  And that something is house wrens.


BirdJam As A Nuisance Bird Deterrent

An Unexpected Result As I mentioned in a previous article about the cool new bird identification software called BirdJam, I found it to be a quick and accurate way to identify birds in the field.  It allowed you to greatly reduce your pack weight and reduce the chance of missing an ID because you were […]