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Bluebirds Are Moving In!

Contested Dwelling This year I’ve had more than a couple species look at one of my two bluebird boxes. I had the bluebirds, chickadees, titmice, starlings and cowbirds. If you’ve been following this blog for any time at all you’d know I’d never let starlings or sparrows move in so their fate was predetermined. I […]


A Landmark Bluebird Achievement

First Time In Four Years As I have mentioned before in my Dark Legacy post, for the last four years or so I have had a bluebird pair with some type of genetic defect.  This theory was backed up when Julie Zickefoose suggested I crack open an unhatched egg and confirm there was no viable […]


My Bluebirds Have Made A Nest

Update 5/15/10: The feeding frenzy finally came to an end so I thought I’d check the box today.  As far as I can tell all 5 bluebirds successfully hatched and fledged the nest.  I’ll have another post this week about it as this is an historic moment in my bluebird stewardship!


My Dark Bluebird Legacy Lives On

I was so thrilled when a pair of bluebirds finally decided to make a home in my second bluebird box again this year. I hoped that my resident pair had moved on or died as cruel as that sounds. The reason is it is heartbreaking to see all their work go for near nothing. Thanks […]