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How To Feed Squirrels Successfully

Feeding squirrels is a controversial topic. They can be very destructive and a source of immense enjoyment. Read how to feed squirrels successfully.


My Squirrel Adventures

Long Time Feeder. First Time Complainer As many of you may already know, I’ve been feeding squirrels in my back yard pretty much ever since I’ve been feeding birds. They’ve presented challenges at various times because they’re so unbelievably intelligent. In fact, most of the stories I’ve read of peoples’ problems with squirrels have stemmed […]


Why I Love My Squirrels

Living With Squirrels in the Real World Mention squirrels to most backyard birders and you’ll get a glazed over stare somewhere between amusement and terror. When I started feeding birds in my backyard I too was concerned. After all, the property backs up to woods so I knew there was a potentially large supply of […]


Do You Train Your Squirrels?

My Kindergarten Class Since I moved into my home nine years ago, I’ve had squirrels.  My property backs up to a wooded area that borders several properties so I’ve had my fair share.  When I started birding seven years ago I decided that I would feed them as well.  Since I employ a raccoon baffle […]