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The Hummingbird Incident

hummingbirdUnabashed Good News Post

If you’re looking for a “meaty” how-to post, you can skip this one.

If you want to have a little sunshine in your life today, by all means, READ ON!

News In The Shower

So, July 4th this year started as any other day. Did some studying for a blogging business course I’m doing called “Blog Mastermind“, caught up on some entrepreneurial community forums I belong to and was showering in preparation for lunch. While in the shower, my wife called to me that she needed to tell me something. I turned off the water and she said as she entered the bathroom that a hummingbird was laying on the step on its back. She said it appeared to be breathing but that’s all she could tell. She asked if she should pick it up. I told her by all means do but be careful because they’re so delicate. She left the bathroom and headed back downstairs.

I don’t know about you but I hate getting that kind of news when you’re not in ANY position to do anything about it. I was at least 10-15 minutes away from being able to be downstairs. I said a prayer that he/she would be ok and finished showering. My mind just churning about what could happen next.

Finally Downstairs

When I got downstairs, my wife told me when she went out to help it, it had already flown up to our railing out there and appeared to be shaking it off. She took some of the pics below.

She then noticed it was getting very close to the edge of the railing and thought she should intervene. That’s when the feel good part of this story happened.

She said she barely got the sliding door opened and moved toward it before it took off like nothing had happened! This made a HUGE improvement in my attitude and well being when I heard it! Again, take a look at the cute pics she got of her

I found out later another reason I was glad they were ok. My wife told me she was nervous about handling it and she was afraid she would twitch or jerk, harming it if it tried to fly away while on or in her hand. I’m glad the forces in the universe conspired to not have her make that decision. I’m just so glad she was paying attention to what was going on in our back yard!

Being Grateful

Who among us can’t say we love when things turn out this way? Anybody whose fed birds in their back yard knows the trials and tribulations that we go through. We get to watch birds feeding together, raising their young and generally entertain us with their antics. But we’ve also seen the birds on their last legs and others who have breathed their last breath in an instant via a window strike.

In short, we’ll take this victory!

Share Your Stories

Leave me a comment and let me know what victory you’ve experienced lately. We all need to know these miracles still do happen. Also, if you think your tribe will enjoy reading this, please share it on social media using the buttons below.

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