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What Do Wild Rabbits Eat?

Bunnies In My Backyard

Editor’s Note

Here is a link to a more recent post listing 5 things you should be feeding wild rabbits.

Starting this past spring, I’ve started seeing rabbits when I take Maggie out late at night or early in the morning. We’ve seen rabbits at various times in the nearly ten years we’ve lived here but not as consistently as we’re seeing them now. They’re usually just eating the various grasses and weeds we have in our backyard. We don’t spray or use noxious chemicals back there because we have so many creatures that depend on clean soil, grass and water. We’ve seen them raise a couple of young and show them the ropes in our backyard.  It’s been very entertaining and hasn’t required really any effort on our part.

Winter Feeding

Normally, there is very little snowfall here in Nashville so the rabbits always have some access to grass to sustain them.  This year, we’ve had an inordinate amount of snow so far this winter and we’d like to help these guys out.

I’ve googled the title of this post and gone to yahoo answers and a few smaller sites for ideas. It looks like dark leafy greens(not iceberg lettuce because it has almost no nutrients), hay, rabbit pellets if they can be kept dry,carrot tops, carrots if they’ll eat them,apples and some other fruit and vegetables.

As far as why they’ve hung around, I found a list of things they look for during the summer to eat.  It includes grasses and weeds, such as goldenrod, wild strawberries, dandelions, and clover.

That’s pretty much our backyard! LOL! No wonder.

What I’m Going To Try

I’m going to put out some kale and some pellets out at night when it’s going to be dry. I’ll probably put out the kale first because it’s relatively inexpensive and will keep well during the winter. I’ll put it out on our patio because that is the place they typically visit looking for food.  We don’t have problems with mice or rats but I will be bringing in the food in the morning and will monitor the patio for any suspicious droppings.

Are You Feeding Bunnies?

If you are we’d love to hear from you about what you’ve tried, what’s worked and what hasn’t. I believe you can read until you’re blue in the face but that experience is the best teacher. It would help us a bunch to get some solid feedback.

51 Responses to “What Do Wild Rabbits Eat?”

  1. BirdDude says:

    Hi Angela,
    I don’t think the Cheerios harmed them. Right now, my bunnies are spending a lot of time tending to the young somewhere else and feeding ravenously on grasses and plants in our back yard. For the most part, they keep to some kind of schedule but it’s hard to know what’s going on there. Have you tried to put anything else out like squirrel mix to see if they’ll come back? Do you have a large or small yard? Are you close to any woods?

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