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Which Birding Software Do You Use?

Birding Software Is About Features

Most serious birders have their favorite birding software.  The reasons are many but usually come down to which features each birder considers important to them.  Some want a handy smartphone app that they know they’ll have with them and others want a more complete birding reference that goes beyond quick identification.  Still others use a combination depending on where they are going to be.  Where do you lie on this continuum?

You Need A Quick Bird Identification

You’re out in the field with your smartphone and you spot a species you haven’t spotted.  You’ve not time for loading up a CD and dialing down on all the details that make this spotting likely.  Chances are you’ll use a quick iPhone app like BirdJam.

You Made A List And Need To Research

Maybe you’ve brought your pen and paper and made notes and now you need to be sure you saw what you saw and get more detail on why you saw it.  Then you’ll have time for the computer or CD-based products like Thayer Birding Software or Avisys.

Which Of These Do You Use And When?

Take a look at this brief list of products and leave us a comment telling us which you use and why so we can get a little more insight into the best use of these valuable birding tools.  If you don’t use any of them(old school) let us know that too.

Thayer Birding Software





2 Responses to “Which Birding Software Do You Use?”

  1. John says:

    My favorite birding software is still BirdJam. It’s quick and easy and they’ve got an iphone app to tie it into your BirdJam install on iTunes.

  2. BirdDude says:

    It’s really my favorite too. It allows you to get a down and dirty ID or find out more if you need to. The portability with the iphone app is just the icing on the cake.

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